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This Policy was created in June 2022, by EmpGrow Business Solutions Private Limited.

We are EmpGrow Business Solutions Private Limited, a company registered in India. These terms of use serve as a contract between EmpGrow Business Solutions Private Limited and our esteemed clients or users. Subsequent references to “we”, “our”,  “us” or “EmpGrow” refers to EmpGrow Business Solutions Private Limited, references to “you” or “your” refers to our prospective clients, “our services” refers to the services with render through our website or otherwise and “our property” refers to properties of EmpGrow Business Solutions Private Limited in its entirety like website, e-mail accounts, software, hardware, line of code, etc.

These terms are binding on all users of our services, if you are not willing to comply with all the terms below, DO NOT proceed to use our services.

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We reserve the right to make revisions and update this document periodically. When we do, we will try to inform you of these revisions preferably via mail. The updated terms become binding immediately after we update our website. Disputes that were already ongoing before the changes will be honoured but subsequent ones will be guided by the newer versions(s).


You can also check this page from time to time to be intimated with the updated versions as you may not get the mail.


Proceeding to use any of our services means you agree with the most up-to-date version of our terms of use.

To use our website, you agree you WILL NOT

  • Introduce any virus, bombs, ransomware or any form of malware or harmful content to our property.
  • Use software to monitor or crawl any of our property.
  • Try to “hack”, reverse engineer or carry out social engineering attacks to attempt to gain access to or modify any of our property.
  • Carry out DOS/DDOS attacks or try to flood our systems in a manner that any property gets overwhelmed.

To use our services, you need an account. You have to first register before you will be granted an account. By registering, you agree THAT

  • You are above 18 years of age.
  • The e-mail address and other personal data you used to register are yours or you have the necessary permission if you are representing another party.
  • You will take responsibility for every action that will be carried out on account. So, you will keep your e-mail address, password, and username that gives access to your account very confidential.
  • You will comply with relevant local laws while using our platform.

Failure to keep up with any of the above can result in the termination or suspension of your access to our platform.

We reserve the right to terminate or suspend access to your account without explaining, in the event we have valid internal reasons to do so.

We would like to state THAT

  • We own the intellectual property of every content or material on our services.
  • We give permission to you to make use of our content or extracts of our contracts in print or soft copy for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes provided to you do not modify the content and make references to the source which is us.
  • None of our property should be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes without express permission.

You may create links to our property in an official capacity provided you have our express consent; you also do not reproduce our property and you don’t misrepresent or use our brand name wrongly.

We will make efforts to always be accessed from anywhere in the world at any point in time. However, on rare occasions, you can lose access to our services owing to server downtime, system failures, and many other system challenges, we will always work hard to make sure we get back up in no distant time.

We also have the right to deny you access to our service, should you breach any of the terms of use.

There might be a prohibition on our type of service or services hosted at our locations in various jurisdictions around the world. In such events, our services might not be available in your locality.

We take intellectual property seriously and we believe that content creators are supposed to be the primary beneficiary of all their intellectual property. We don’t take copyright infringements lightly. We respond to copyright infringements when we notice them or when they are reported by others.

To report a copyright infringement found on any of our property, send an e-mail to info@empgrow.com

EmpGrow Business Solutions Private Limited is a leading business process management company based in India providing consultancy and financial accounting services across the globe.

EmpGrow has expertise areas of:

  1. Business Process Management: Experience in the consulting domain with expertise in Process Mapping, Risk Analysis, Change Management, and its implementation, and Detailed step-by-step guidance toward the Harmonization Journey.
  2. Business Plans: Expertise in the formulation of Business Continuity Plans.
  3. Others: Expertise in GL accounting operations, financial reporting and consolidation, ATR, P2P, and 02C.

These terms do not serve as a partnership contract in any way, therefore we will not be liable for the actions of any partner that doesn’t have an official partnership contract from us.

We take feedback on your experience of our service to improve the service. Feedbacks are solely for the improvement of our service ONLY. As such, there shall be no warranty of actions borne out of usage of “your content”, read more of that in section I.

To send in feedback, send an e-mail to include as much evidence as you could including at least a picture, and be sure to hear from our team ASAP.

As a company that is involved in data processing, we take the protection of the personal data entrusted to us seriously. We have an elaborate policy on our data protection efforts here. We also have a cookie policy you could read here.

By default, agreeing to use our website is an agreement to receive marketing e-mails from us. You can opt-out by sending an e-mail to info@empgrow.com

We have the right to charge a fee for our services. 

These terms are governed solely by the laws of India. This contract is subject to Indian laws, therefore by using our services, you agree to use the courts of India to resolve any disputes with us. If any of the terms here get voided by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining terms will continue to be valid until we make updates to the voided terms.